November 28, 2008

Measuring the Murders in Mumbai

House would like to send condolences and wishes of peace to everyone affected by the massacre in Mumbai, India.

Mumbai, I am sure, needs all of our positive thoughts and efforts for recovery.

Young, un-educated Muslim extremists, like gangs in the U.S., must be given an appreciation for life and must be given hope and direction.

It must be our first priority, it must make our agendas today. These 16-25 year olds, from every walk of life, are the most powerful. They can cripple neighborhoods, and economies with their murderous intentions.

While we, the unassuming, hard-working go about trying to make the world a better place, we forget to pay attention to these desperate, destitute, mislead, manipulated youth. Many are victims of poverty and adults who are manipulating them to do their deeds of corruption.

If these youth receive attention by the world at large, we would all be that much safer.

Our babies are the keys to the world ~ we must protect young minds.

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