November 4, 2008

I Got By With A Little Help From My Friends ~

As you all well know, I am a wreck. I paced the floors until I just had to get out and share! I embraced my Chi!

WOW, I am so glad I did! Today, we are subjects in an Enchanted Kingdom.

Its like Christmas here in The City of Big Shoulders, but its at 75 degrees.

If you too are pacing the floors, sit for a moment and take in the sights...

The City By The Lake waiting for the Prince to be Crowned King, or at the very least, to grace us with his RockStar status as he embraces us with a great big hug. Either way, what a ride!!!! We owe Senator Obama a crown of thanks.

I never saw my son beeming with such pride, proclaiming that he was "staying up ALL night" tonight to watch the results.

I suppose glee is contagious because just last night I exclaimed to him, "See, because of Senator Barack Obama, as resistant as I was, you can really be ANYTHING YOU WANT ~ whether he WINS OR LOSES."

It is my hope that America will now think twice before they grab their purses in the presence of color. Now, that is a pretty hefty hope, however, with the rigors of this election process now behind us, it can, thankfully, now be within reach ~ attainable!!!

If you notice in the pics, there are people here from ALL OVER THESE BEAUTIFUL, AND FINALLY, UNITED STATES!

LIVE From Grant Park ITS Election Night!!!!!

Wish You Were HERE sharing the love in Grant Park!

It would be great to see what is going on where YOU are ~ If POSSIBLE, SHARE it with us, because either way, its gonna be a great night for us all...enjoying the process and enjoying the ride ~

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