November 3, 2008

Barack the Vote tomorrow!!

With one day to go, should there be any of us still on the fence, think about where your family comes from, where your dreams want to take you and where you think the image of America should be.

Think what you will of General Colin Powell, but his endorsement of Senator Barack Obama was so powerful and brave.

I now have Ms. Elsheba Kahn as the background picture on my PC screen...I NEVER want to forget her sacrifice. It means 1000x more when you sacrifice for something or someone who doesn't even appreciate you, value you, acknowledge you ~ when you simply sacrifice because it is the right thing to do, you recognize your purpose, you listen to your God/spirit/voice/light and act in a way that enhances the world.

So, if you are fence-bound, confused, don't know where you stand, take Ms. Kahn's face with you into that voting booth. You may be afraid of your neighbors, you may be afraid of some one's skin, you may even think that the world is going to implode, but cast your fears aside. Breathe, and know that if a Muslim mother can lay her son's remains in the soil of his country that feared him, you can vote, in good conscious, in a way that will heal these divisions and put us back on the path of democracy and global leadership.

I will run her photo again, as it really says it all. Have a great voting day tomorrow!

Photographs: Platon

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