August 30, 2008


Gustav is heading for my beloved New Orleans ~

Just as things were returning to normalcy, sort of. As the Katrina Memorials were underway, FEMA was working with several local governments and the evacuations were being planned. As I write this, the multi-state evacuations are systematically going into effect. Some today and some tomorrow. St. Bernard Parish and Plaquemines are under a mandatory evacuation with residents having to be out by 4pm today.

If you feel moved, please donate to the American Red Cross located on the side-bar just below. the funds go directly to the American Red Cross through a safe and secure, encrypted page.

At this juncture, we don't know who is going to need it, but as Gustav gains strength and momentum, we do know that there is a community that is going to be hit, and hit VERY hard. Gustav is now a Category 3 with winds sustained at 115 miles per hour.

Cousin Mario and Amani of MyUrbanReport have headed to the Gulf to provide footage and support. Stay tuned and keep the prayers flowing!

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