August 7, 2008


This info is direct from our friends at Finding Our Folk ~

The 3rd Annual Katrina Anniversary
Actions and Demonstrations for Katrina Anniversary Right to the City will join New Orleans on August 29, 2008 for the third annual Katrina commemoration. New Orleans is still fighting for its right to return home and policing, through corruption, brutality, and being a poor agent of public safety is one of the largest obstacles to our return. New Orleans citizens are literally being harassed out of their homes by NOPD and we must confront hostile law enforcement in every public sphere we must confront to rebuild our lives and homes. For more information on stories.

The following are some stark examples:

* A local mentally ill man was recently killed by the police for refusing to give up his FEMA trailer. He had nowhere else to go.

* Parents visiting Recovery School District Public Schools are now forced to undergo a background check and can be arrested while looking after their children's education.

* New Orleans represents a national trend of the bulk of our city's resources being sucked out of community infrastructure and placed into policing.

On August 29th, all the RTTC regions will be doing direct actions demanding that our resources be returned to all the things that make our communities strong and safe: public education, housing, public health, and direct democracy.

Hot 8 Spotlight NEXT STOP AUGUST 10th ~ El Paso Texas!!!

Hot 8 Music Outreach Program

The outreach program is a continued success! The students are maturing as musicians and social change agents. As the summer session approaches an end "Big Al" (trumpet player) for the band says this is not the end for the outreach program. The Hot 8 Brass Band has made a commitment to make sure the culture of New Orleans Brass Band music will never die. This workshop is just one of the many chapters for the Hot 8 Brass Band. The students are now working on their very own song (the title of this song is still being voted on by the students.) Please stay posted for the title release and song!

Please visit the Finding Our Folk website for more information on updates, events, fundraisers or to DONATE INSTRUMENT'S!

Friends ~ As the 3rd Anniversary of Katrina approaches remember New Orleans in your prayers and if you can find a cause or contribute your time, your thoughts, or a bit of elbow grease on NOLA's behalf ~ We All Need Each Other!

~~ This sentiment is straight from the House!


Nardeeisms said...

Great post. Sometimes music can be the great equalizer. My hope is that the students will still be able to continue the legacy and keep the torch burning. Thank you for sharing - Nards

Houseonahill said...

It's always joy when you stop in,Thanks!

Los Angelista said...

Gosh, three years already and background checks for parents? That's crazy. At least the music is a good thing going on.

Houseonahill said...

Right? Three years has past. I am hopeful that the music will continue to inspire the youth to realize their potential despite the cards they've been dealt.