July 27, 2008

I wish I may, I wish I might!

Funny how the Universe works in tandem with your heart. In a response to my rant the universe sent me unsolicited information about this new venture, so if time permits...check it out!

Seriously, it just popped up in my email!


I should really join the Journalists of Color ~ This Unity Conference has really been shining bright. My cousin (SupeShooter) Mario attended the conference, so stay tuned for what he has to share with us. I have no press pass or membership...yet...so I will not be listening to the Illinois Junior Senator at noon, but hopefully C-Span or CNN will broadcast it live. Be sure to check your local listings, I am eager for the exchange.

The forum is supposed to be open to questioning. I am concerned about women's issues first and foremost, so I am eager to hear heartfelt questioning and response.

Chicago is SO beautiful this time of year. I am sure Senator Obama is glad to be

(Chicago pic by Getty)

A local farmers market opened in my neighborhood today, I AM SO GEEKED!

I continue to support FRESHPICKS, but this is great if you just have a taste for fresh produce that has not been shipped in from some far away locale.

This should be a great week! Take a deep breath and take the plunge!

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