May 3, 2008

Eight Belles to GLORY on Kentucky Derby Day!

If I were at the Kentucky Derby today, I would be wearing either this hat,

OR this one!

I found these on JillHenningsHats.Com

But, unfortunately, I have never taken an interest in this sport, mainly because I am an animal lover and just the chance that an animal can be hurt at one of these events and then possibly slaughtered on sight has always been a deterrent, therefore I probably won't be watching again today.

HOWEVER! Many of you guys are Blog Catalog participants and therefore know Kdawg68.

His blog The Aspiring Horseplayer is sensitive, informative, and shows a different spin on horse racing, horses and the folks that love horses and the sport. It has drawn me in!

My dad is in his mid seventies now, so any chance to connect and share experiences, I take 'em! He and my uncles have always placed friendly wagers on whatever is going on, so this year I was able to put in my two cents thanks to Kdawg68!

This has also caused my ears to perk up when there are conversations on television, so enter Eight Belles. I mean, all the ladies in the house, you have to have a spot for her going against all of these guys! There have been only three fillies in the sport's 134 year history to win The Kentucky Derby. First there was Regret in 1915, second was Genuine Risk in 1980 and Winning Colors, who was 20 years ago in 1988. Thirty-five other fillies have tried to win the Derby and failed.

SO, Eight Belles, show 'em what you've got. Beautiful, strong, determined, fast and able to handle the colts. You go girl!

Now go out and enjoy this day!!!


Los Angelista said...

That first hat is SO lovely!

I used to follow horse racing from the time I was in 5th or 6th grade till I went to college, simply because I loved the horses. When I started going out to Arlington Park though I saw the other side of it, the gambling, and that sort of took some of the joy away. I will be watching the Derby today though and rooting for Eight Belles!

Los Angelista said...

I am so heartbroken over what happened to Eight Belles. I can't believe it. I am still crying over it. said...

Oh my gosh Liz,
Me too! I had to wait a few hours to even respond. I thought about you as soon as I flipped it on because that is when she went down.

Poor Eight Belles ~

kdawg68 said...

Beautiful post. I'm still in shock and disbelief about what happened to Eight Belles. We lost a good one yesterday, and you never really can replace these guys. It just makes you appreciate how lucky we are to have them while we do. Just thinking about it tears me up inside.

RIP Eight Belles - and thanks for letting us marvel at your courage and talent while we could. said...


Thanks for the experience. Also, the post on BC that really detailed the intricacy of horse racing and loving horses ~ you handled everything beautifully...have not been able to watch the videos but read your great posts.

I think Eight Belles legacy will be more people loving horses and improving everything for the better.

Here is the link to the Blog Catalog thread that was so informative and KDawg's awesome, sensitive, and well thought replies: