April 30, 2008

And when there are storms...

You know, with all that is going on, and as we in society make our way, stumble, fall and whirl around, it is SO good to have friends. After my rant yesterday, I picked up the phone and called a best friend. She hung right in there, did not necessarily agree, challenged me in areas I had not thought through, and then we laughed and talked about everything else under the sun.

It made me feel warm and alive.

When I came home, the CNN junky that I am, (I tried to give up television but only lasted 4 days last week...has to watch the NBA finals and Yanks and SOX...you get the idea) I turned on the television and saw a wounded man.

I know what Senator Obama had to do yesterday, denouncing his former pastor Reverend Wright was painful. It was ALL over his face and my heart bleeds for him. Relationships are tough, no matter the level or the years. I can only imagine how passion, power, greed, envy and probably a multitude of other concepts are playing here.

I became very thankful, that as a common citizen, I can cherish my friends. We have weathered many storms together and come through to see the sun shine.

It is something I am very grateful for ~

Enjoy the Day!


Tamera said...

I felt that I saw a part that was a "personal" man in his expressions, and his patience tested to a limit. He was obviously disappointed, and it must have been difficult. We're all just human.

Houseonahill.org said...


Exactly, "We're all just human".