April 27, 2008

Incestuous Democratic Party

It is all just SO incestuous! I woke up this morning watched Wolf Blitzer on CNN and was SO impressed with Dr. Susan E. Rice and James Rubin that I Googled them. She was Assistant Secretary of State under the Clinton Administration ~ advising him on the issues of Rwanda and other crucial foreign policy. Rice and Rubin worked together under the Clintons as he was the State Department spokesman! They also worked together on the John Kerry Presidential Campaign. Rubin is married to the wondrously informative and dare devilish CNN correspondant Christine Amnapour.

All of this in-fighting is REALLY about jobs! Who will be back in the White House with a nice job! They are all close associates. They are all privy as to what is REALLY going on. It is a little crazy and I really wish that there wasn't SO much money involved. Literally money being just poured toward these campaigns. It is money thrown under a bus while the world hunger crisis grows.

I am really a little bit pissed about this all. What about you??


KathyF said...

I was thinking about that too, when I saw that interview. It's pretty common knowledge that there's a Clinton administration in waiting over here in London, and Rubin is only one member of it.

I said to my husband that's why her surrogates are fighting so hard to get her elected. They've counted on having jobs for these 8 years, and are seeing them go up in smoke.

Houseonahill.org said...
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Houseonahill.org said...

Hi KathyF,

It had not crossed my mind that this election would be impacting other administrations just yet, but it makes perfect sense. Everyone has their agendas I suppose!

Thank you for rhis insight AND for stopping in!

Enjoy the day!