April 18, 2008


I am sure that there may be some of you who live in areas that are earthquake zones and have experienced some real harrowing ordeals, so what I am about to relate to you is no BIG deal! However, our last registered seismic activity here in Illinois was in June of 2004. It was the sort of event I remember but only recollecting it to have been a "whoa, what was that??"

This morning's activity was more of a "Hey, what just hit the bed?...AM I DREAMING??? Did you feel that? WHOA, that was weird!"

Honestly, at 4:37 in the wee dawn hours, you are quite deranged. Hazily, I fell back into a sleep, but as I dozed my mind was thinking, "did a car hit the house? If it had, everyone else would jump up right?" AND my last coherent piece of rationalization was, "well, guess it wasn't anything...hope the Sears Tower didn't fall." Then I was gone. Back into the dark abyss, and the crevices of my dank mind.

Two hours later NPR was blaring about a 5.4 earthquake! HOW cool is that???

Everyone has been joking all day. "Yeh, right, you bumped your head during the earthquake, hehe, didn't cha?"

"That is a stupid thing to say, but it's okay, you're still traumatized from the earthquake, huh, right?"

So, this Freaky Friday has been quite fun with earthquake talk, interrupted dreams and a few flat tires on the Edens expressway. (allegedly from some upchucking of steel that erupted in a lane that "they" are blaming on the "earthquake", while I am for sure it is just another pot-hole!)

So in a few days, Mid-Westerners will go back to their lives and the jokes I am sure will soon fade...that is until the Big One hits! Chicago is in line with Mount Carmel, Milwaukee and a few locations along the border shared with Indiana for damage from the New Madrid fault. Whoa, what will we be saying then???

For more information visit U.S. Geological Survey Earthquake Hazards Program
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U.S. Geological Survey Earthquake Hazards Program and

Thanks Dee and Joe!


meryl's musings said...

Very interesting read on the earthquake and the cougar. No earth-shaking here in Michigan, at least not anything I felt early this morning.
We have deer and coyote around us and I have thought so many times how we have taken over their space and then we get mad at them.

Houseonahill.org said...

Thanks Meryl,
Glad you got to sleep peacefully!!

Yes, it is something to think about. Thanks for stopping and enjoy the day!