April 21, 2008

***EARTH DAY 2008***

Tomorrow Tuesday April 22, 2008 is EARTH DAY!

I was hoping to post this a day early just to see what everyone out there suggests we contribute to our planet on its special day!

My suggestion has many tiers. My first suggestion is that if you have not seen "SIX DEGREES could change the world", you must! There is a particular segment that details the impact of cheeseburgers on our carbon footprints. IT is astounding. The thousands of cheeseburgers consumed each year is equivalent to all of the SUV's on the road in America. I do not eat meat, but after the rendering of that information, I really can't see why anyone would eat meat. I KNOW they really taste good!! But we really need to think here ~ It is not just the mistreatment of the cows that we must take into account, but the miles and resources used for just one restaurant to serve them is incredible.

The other tid-bit I found to be so crucial for everyday knowledge is the fact that the warming in the Greenlands has brought suffering to the famous Greenland sled dogs. Climate change has forced the way of living there to a halt. Many have abandoned their lifestyles and their dogs. While researching I did uncover a response to inquiries regarding the dogs, but you just can not be sure. The response is here.

As concerned citizens of the world, we need to maintain these inquiries and help where we can. Here is the Greenland Home Rule Government website.

So on Earth Day 2008 what will you do? Eliminate using plastic bags? Planting trees? Eliminating water bottle usage? Turning off appliances not in use? Walking? Leaving out meat and dairy from your menu? You could just pick one thing and impact the world!

Well, whatever you do, I know it will be great ~ Enjoy the Day and tomorrow too!!

the video in its entirety is available through Amazon.com


Los Angelista said...

I agree about the meat eating. All the grain that's going to feeding cattle could go toward feeding people.

I'm doing an Earth Day Brita giveaway on my blog tomorrow. Should be fun!

Houseonahill.org said...

FUN FUN FUN! At your place tomorrow!! See ya there!


Happy Earth Day!