March 7, 2008

Springing Into Spring!!!!!

images by K.R. Copeland

I LOVE SPRING!!!! Okay it is not here yet, but I can smell it in the freezing air~~~

I can feel it in the 29 degree breeze!

I did not realize it was REALLY March until the "SPRING AHEAD" notice I saw posted in the news today. All of us in the wintery portion of the states have been so bludgeoned with this weather that we are literally depressed and exhausted! I have been trudging about with blinders on attempting to make it from one gray-dreary, freezing, day to the next dark, cloudy snow-filled day.

Chicago is having a reprieve at the moment. It was 60 degrees last weekend and in the 40's a few days in a row ~ thankfully the mountains have melted. Today it is just plain freezing cold with flurries.

I was like, WHAT? Is it finally here???? SO - remember to spring one hour forward Sunday! It is coming ~ I have faith!

And the best way to prepare for spring is with a little bit of K.R. Copeland.

Click here. She was featured on

Ahhhh, I can hardly wait for the warmth, the coffee houses and the outdoor cafes ~ Bring It ON!

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