March 6, 2008

Ouwwwww HeeHeee!!!!

I don't know how many of us have XM satellite radio. Circuit City was running a special about a year ago, and it came out to where the entire set-up was free but you pay the monthly for the subscription. Spending as much time as I do in the car, it was just a great investment. My brain was so wired from the same rotation of music, coupled with the advertisements from HELL, it was a sacrifice I ultimately chose to make.

BOY am I glad I have satellite radio!

Beginning March 2008 XM Radio began a special complimentary commemorative station ~ XM63. It will run MICHAEL JACKSON 24-7 the entire month.

OOOKKkkkaayyyyy? you are asking. Yes, I know CRAZY! Just when I thought I was SO over Michael Jackson; joining in with Chris Rock the comedian on his rant to "remember all those arguments we had about Prince and Michael Jackson, well Prince won" AND chiming in on Ed Bradley's interview on 60 minutes that he done lost his mind???

Well, all of that subsided today. I love him again. Driving my son to school they were playing "Smooth Criminal".

Oh My Gosh! It all came rushing back. Michael Jackson may be a lot of things that we will not discuss here ~ BUT the man is a genius. My 30 minute drive was filled with some of the thousands of songs that I have memorized over the years buying albums, and going to concerts... the stories each song tells, his injections- grunts, movements!

OuwwwwwWWWW! The girations! HeeHeeeh! Jamonnh!

Before he was "Thriller", he was Michael Jackson. I would put my jammies on and watch him sing about his pet rat "Ben".

SO Happy 25th Thriller Anniversary MJ. I still love you.

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