February 27, 2008

What in The World...

I am very concerned about the tone America has taken lately during this election process. It has been over six months of campaigning, and though uncomfortable, the tone has been typically political.

These past few days however, the ugliness of America has begun to really rear its head ~ AGAIN ~ and it is not cute. There seems to be a forgetting that we, as Americans, comprise a vast multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-religious representation and it is vital that all use choice commentary. I find myself saying alot these days..."I'm not Muslim, but what if I was?" "My middle name is not Hussein, but what if it was?", "My heritage is not from the middle east, but what if it was?"

How many Americans have the name Hussein? I am positive that Senator Obama is NOT the only person in America who is a full fledged American with the name Hussein! What a horrible time to be different. Everytime we turn on the television people are proclaiming their clicks and being insensitive.

Is it wrong to support Israel and Palestine? Is it wrong to be Christian but support Islam? Is it wrong to be American but name your child Hussein? Is it wrong to embrace someone else's culture while still maintaining your own?

So what's with the negativity surrounding Senator Obama dressed in native Kenyan garb? Is that SO scary? Does that really scare America? I thought we were all moving past ignorance into the 21st century, What is going on???

I am not naive. I am not deceived. But how have you all been feeling lately???
With folks like Bill Cunningham, 700 WLW Cincinnati, Ohio starting to speak out, it has reminded me that we really have not come far at all ~

How are you guys feeling? Do we still have miles and miles to go?

How do we get there?

What is the climate in your soul?

Let's still try to make it a good one and enjoy the day!

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