February 24, 2008

NOLA SUNDAYS are Fleurdeliciously FLEUR DE.LIR.I.OUS!!!

Image "Renew New Orleans"Andrea Mistretta at Mardigrasgraphics.com

Rene Fletcher, CEO and President of Fleurdelisfashions.com is running quite the online sale!!!

Her passion for New Orleans, the fleur de lis AND fashion has collimated into quite the spectacular vehicle for entrepreneurship, promoting great products, and fun.

I was able to get Rene to stop in for a few to share this wonderful concept of taking what you love and turning it into a prosperous tool from which you can make your living, share your vision and enjoyment for life, all while inspiring someone else's next idea!

Rene, tell us about the blog!
The blog started off as a way to highlight our products to a broader audience than just our site. As we expanded, we have come to include stories about New Orleans, and anything having to do with the fleur de lis symbol. We have gotten some great feedback from our readers and we enjoy the feel of the blog. The combination of promoting our site and writing great articles about the fleur de lis are a fun way to stay in touch with our readers.

Is your store exclusively on line?
Yes, right now we are an online store only. One day we hope to open several boutiques where our customers can come shopping.

As women entrepreneurs, what advise can you give for an aspiring entrepreneur?
The best advice I can give is: Don't be afraid to try. Start off small, learn as much as you can. The more things you can do yourself the more money you can save. Give yourself at least two years to figure out your successes. The first year is strictly learning what works and what doesn't. The second year is when you know whether or not you can make money at it. The last piece of advice I can offer is: Do something you love. You have to love what you do to spend the amount of time it will take to run a successful business. Also, no one wants to work for an owner who is not passionate about what she does.

Can you tell us how you became "Fleurdelirious"?
We started out collecting a few pieces of jewelry to sell to our friends as the symbol was so popular in New Orleans. After the storm, it's popularity was overwhelming to our area. We were crazy about it before Katrina, but truly obsessed after!

Is it out of pure love for NOLA?
Since our love for our city was enriched after Katrina, we wanted to find a way for residents who were spread about the country to be able to connect to New Orleans. That's when we opened Fleur De Lis Fashions.Com. We wanted to offer affordable items so that even if all someone could spend was $9.99 we were able to offer something for them. Every product in our store is under $50.00 for this reason. We want people to be able to find beautiful fleur-de-lis items that are high quality at great prices.

Are you smitten with the symbol itself?

The historical information on the website is fascinating? Of course, loving the symbol myself, I was aware of the background, but if there something we could share with the audience about the Fleur de lis as it is seen today, what would it be?
This symbol has hit the fashion scene in a big way! If you pay attention to different television shows and celebrities you will see it everywhere. Just the other night on American Idol, host Ryan Seacrest had on a fleur-de-lis T-shirt. While in New Orleans we feel like we own the symbol, we don't. It's popular all across the world now.

Are you familiar with the artists? Are they from NOLA?
Most of the manufacturers of the products we sell are not from NOLA, but have family or friends here. They too understand the importance of keeping prices affordable.

What are some of the favorite items?
Some of my favorite items include our Fleur De Lis Crystal Gemstone Brooch, which is on sale right now for $19.99.

This pin is of such high quality for the price you can't beat it. It truly exudes class and style with royal meaning. Another favorite of mine is any of our fleur de lis handbags.

They are so unique! Customers always tell us how they get stopped on the street and asked about them. It's not something you will see everyone have.

Best sellers?
Some of our best sellers include our Black Fleur De Lis Watch.

This watch sells for $29.99. It's so much fun because it matches easily to so many of our jewelry items. Another best seller is our Fleur De Lis Silver Rhinestone Shirt. This attractive shirt has been seen on celebrities like Jessica Simpson and Eva Longaria. It's hip and fun. The shirt sells for only $28.99. We can hardly keep it in stock!

WOW, Rene! Thanks for taking time to share this wonderful online shopping with us!
Keep us posted on sales and new arrivals! Or guys and gals, feel free to check out Rene at the following sites!

Rene Fletcher
THE STORE ** www.fleurdelisfashions.com"Style & Elegance at Affordable Prices"

THE BLOG ** www.fleurdelirious.blogspot.com


ilovenola said...

Thank you so much for highlighting our store!!! It came out fantastic!

Houseonahill.org said...

We enjoyed this more than you know!
Please keep us posted on new items and fun things ~ and we will be sure to check out the www.fleurdelirious.blogspot.com regularly!

Los Angelista said...

I can't believe it's been almost a year since I was in New Orleans. I really loved the energy of the city but came away so broken hearted by how much had not been rebuilt. I wonder how much has changed in a year.

Houseonahill.org said...

Los Angelista,
Time flies doesn't it? I was there in September and felt the same pain as you, it is unbelievable. Especially with statistics showing that 75% has been rebuilt in the tsunami zones.

Let's keep encouraging each other to visit! With conventions and tourism, and concerned citizens like you, it will re-emerge!

Thankfully, restaurant classics such as Dooky Chase and Antoines have come back ~ the food was better than ever ~ check out this link, I know you'll enjoy it!