January 4, 2008

Just Be sure!!!!

Turn off that television and stop falling for all the hype!!!

This site will not be politically charged, but after reading and briefly watching the hype/fallout after the Iowa caucus, I can only stringently reiterate PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do your due diligence. I am a resident of ILLINOIS and all I can implore is be careful. Don't get caught up in the rhetoric. I am attempting to stop the momentum because I just want everyone to be sure of who will get the job done. Who will be fighting late into the night. Who has their camp in place, their power in droves, who has your best interest and that of the world??? Consider these things after the rock concert has died down. When people get back to just living their lives, who will be re-adjusting the economy? Who will be making sure women get their fair share of money and time off to raise their children? Who will make sure their children are fed and have programs to go to before and after work? Take a VERY close look at Illinois before you cast your dreams to the wind screaming change. Examine these issues that are important to you and then look at Illinois. Who is helping the farmers? Who is safe guarding your food? Who can put money back in your bank account? Here is access to records of the candidates who are still in the battle. Just be well informed and mindful. Be studious and avoid the hype. We really can't afford to have another four years of mismanagement. If you think Illinois is sitting pretty, then by all means stay charged, but if it looks a little misshapen and in need of attention, then take a closer look. Oprah lives here too. Illinois should be the best state in the union, so is it??? You be the judge!!!

Peruse all the congressional records and votes here:
and here:http://www.congress.org/congressorg/home/
Here are records of those still in congress, access to those who have been in congress, and I have included my other Senator, Dick Durbin's record for comparison as to what is and is not getting done in Illinois. Check out the state's of New York, Arkansas, Massachusetts and North Carolina. Just for informational purposes.

Happy researching!!!






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