January 5, 2008

Hey, Hey, sorry!

I feel as if I must apologize for that interjection yesterday! WE are usually so tranquil and full of peace here, but I was so riled up from the coverage!I wanted to whack some heads, I wanted to shout from the rafters! Honestly, I believe the reason George Bush won before the travesty of the voting counts occurred, because he charmed everyone. No one paid attention to the state of Texas, and what he had done there. All of these candidates are already works in progress, so all I want is for everyone to look at their records now. See what they are doing in their communities. WHOOOOO! I was a wreck all night and could not wait to turn on the computer to look at the "Lighthouses"!!!!

Manchac Lighthouse calmns me.

When Dr. Jerry (JK Schwehm) sent his site and I saw the piece "Manchac Lighthouse", my heart stopped. I just longed to be right there!

Camp Street Lighthouse

Having been to New Orleans countless times now, and having even driven there from Chicago across the "The Causeway" which totally freaked me out, I was never blessed to notice the beauty of the lighthouses.
Here is a site that chronicled Katrina destruction of all the waterways. Very interesting.

Old Barney Lighthouse

West Rigolets lighthouse

West End Lighthouse

Madisonville Lighthouse

Sabin Pass Lighthouse

Storm Takes Lighthouse

Save Nola Now Save The Gulf Now Thank You Dr. Jerry

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