January 24, 2008

Finding Our Folk

This is from a few months ago, but still very relevant. Whatever you can do to help would be monumental.

A great and dear family friend, a legend and a pioneer in Chicago was laid to rest today ~ The Honorable John Herman Stroger, Jr. He was the first black elected as Cook County Board President. He was a phenomenal, gentle, mentor to the community and he will be sorely missed. He was a proponent for all, but mainly for the disadvantaged, the poor, the hopeless and the meek. I correlate paying homage to John H. Stroger today with this video because the strife in Louisiana and the Gulf was important to him due to his completing his undergraduate studies at Xavier University (XULA)in New Orleans. He was Trustee Emeritus and was recently honored as the top alumni 2007. His son, current Cook County Board President, Todd H. Stroger, is also a graduate from Xavier University.

At his passing, his foundation, The John H. Stroger Jr. Charitable Foundation, contributed $500,000 toward establishing a scholarship fund for deserving Xavier students. He was such a wonderful, strong spirit. He loved Louisiana very much and though he was born in Helena, Arkansas, he always reached back to help Louisiana. He would then turn and look ahead to help those who were in need, those who were in front of him everyday. Keep these images from today in your heart. Keep the message resounding loud and clear. Everyone needs hope, and everyone needs a hand. Be the hope or the hand. And if you can, be both.

We can all make a difference, and in this case help someone come home. President John H. Stroger committed himself to a life of service, and we can too! Thank you John H. Stroger, Jr., for taking on the causes, leading people to empowerment, and defying all the odds. May you rest in perfect peace. God Bless.

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