November 15, 2007

Stay Tuned~~~~

I was recalling my youth and how much I used to enjoy "Mister Rogers Neighborhood" (yes, I am THAT old) when he was introducing us to people in his neighborhood. Don't ask me why, I just was, so starting tomorrow I will be introducing interesting people with "Friends on Friday" here on Healthier, Happier, You!!!!

I hope you enjoy meeting people that I find interesting. I have previewed this idea with a few works by K.R. Copeland. She will be the first of many. I may venture off and showcase other things of interest as well...who knows where we will end up! I had so much fun during my interviewing process a few posts ago with "ColorOnline",that it has become my goal to solicit interesting folks to participate until I come up with another wonderful idea! I would like to inspire as I have been inspired, and the only way to do that is to keep other people's stories alive. Feel free to make contact here with suggestions of interesting people you may know! It is always a good thing to expand our minds!

Have a Happy Healthy Day!!!!

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