November 8, 2007


George Bush vetoed the Water Resources Development Act back on November 2, 2007. Kudos to Congress for overriding this veto! Bush stated the bill "lacks fiscal discipline". Allowing erosion of our country, its people, its infrastructure, and its coasts is fiscally and morally reprehensible!! I am so glad to see this Congress finally stepping up. I must research what this really means for the Gulf coastline, but any assistance is help. The Everglades will get much needed attention. As will California,Illinois,Louisiana, Minnesota and Mississippi. The disregard of the Mississippi River has affected so many communities, states and their residents. Local water projects who have not received enough attention, will finally have their long awaited say! This is so crucial, I hope there is more to follow! Let's stay tuned!!!

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Elaine Vigneault said...

This is good news for two reasons:
1. Good for the Gulf Coast.
2. Finally shows Congress sticking up for themselves against bullying Bush. Let's hope this is just the beginning and that they start standing up for their constituents more.