October 21, 2007



Halloween is A COMING!!!! WOooooWOoohooo!!! To add to this, would you believe, last night my dutiful, beautiful, courageous pooch, pit-bull SandyGirl uncovered a ROACH!!!! It was massively huge! Black, not brown like the ones in my dream. SO FAT it could barely walk, so GROSS she would not eat it, but moaned and cried until we came, retrieved it, and we were going to donate it to our family (read last post on "Roaches") BUT me not being fully cured as I aforementioned (in previous post)decided to donate the lovely creature to our Leopard Gecko "Clash". Poor Mr. Cockroach was devoured immediately. I will not even speculate on where he came from, but can only surmise that, being a creole, it was a summons from the outer world!

Was my dream a premonition? Was Mr. Cockroach a messenger?

We will have to stay tuned!

In the meantime, where better to celebrate Halloween than in NOLA????
Voodoo, and death and Marie Leveau!

There is also a German presence (hmmm German, cockroaches, maybe this was all a precursor to today's entry on "Healthier, Happier, You!!!!) in NOLA who are celebrating this October:

Deutsches Haus
The German Presence in New Orleans
est 1928
200 South Galvez
P.O. Box 56816
New Orleans, LA 70156-6816
Tel. (504) 522-8014

So, if you are in the mood for fun and food, head on down to New Orleans! It's the kind of place that haunts your dreams!!! Literally! For REAL!

NOLA! Cest ci bon! Au revoir!!

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