October 14, 2007


Photo courtesy of Mario Page

Today in the Times Picayune is a headline which reads there are several environmental groups proposing a feasible plan to restore and protect the beautiful Louisiana coastline. The article continues with The Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation and the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana opposing what the State of Louisiana would like to suggest. I sure hope they keep their discrepancies to a minimum and just do what is best for the environment and the inhabitants. I feel in agreement with the scientists of the foundation, and not the state, because they have put together what is being reported as "multiple lines of defense" strategy.

What can we here at "Healthier Happier You!!!!" do to help? I would read more at http://www.saveourlake.org/bulletin.htm

or more about the issues at: http://blog.nola.com/times-picayune/2007/10/environmental_groups_offer_new.html

In support of the foundation views, it seems they are taking on the approach that we must undo what was done by re-routing nature (The Mississippi River) and destroying nature's natural defenses of wetlands, small islands, and sediment deposits that sheltered the coast line when it was in its original state. At any rate, read for yourself, make an informed decision, and support NOLA and the Gulf Coast efforts today!!! Before we know it, hurricane season will be here again, and there are so many people eager to go home!


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