October 15, 2007


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I woke up today wondering what I could talk about here on "Healthier, Happier You!!!" that would qualify as environmental. Well, as I am sure you know by now, I am passionate about the recovery efforts in New Orleans. But when I woke up today, there was more news about Blackwater and Iraq on CNN. I LOVE CNN, but I am becoming increasingly disenchanted with the media coverage of IRAQ! Why is this such BIG news???? Minnesota had the devastating bridge collapse. California had the crushing car accident. AND OF COURSE, the recovery efforts in NOLA. MY GOSH, just this past weekend, a NOLA police detective and his wife were terrorized and shot when invaders broke into their home!
Where is the coverage of the war here in our land?

Please don't get me wrong. We Americans are very guilty of being self absorbed and morbidly self-contained, but it is my personal belief that during this particular era,we have enough going on at home to put other mass atrocities down to a blurb.

What good will a safe secure Iraq be if our own citizens are not secure? How can we be savior to the world if our own foundation is shaky? In the two terms this administration has destroyed our world, it can be remade. We can turn the environment around, we can turn the economy around, we can adjust our trade policies and secure our food and other consumer products. We used to be safe at home so that we were able to concentrate on our neighbors. Let us focus on US again. In five years, we will be the strong, healthy, faithful union we used to be. Supporters of peace and alliances.

Now, what do I project to get us there???? More days like today! I can't wait to read what my fellow bloggers are talking about, but I can almost assure you, it is about sustainability, improvement and movement. Call to action the media! Tell them ENOUGH of IRAQ!!! The programming seems as if they are trying to turn us away from the fact that each and every one of us needs to implement a project. We have heard it all before on the brief soundbites...change to energy efficient light bulbs, drive less, make sure your home is free of toxic cleaning residue...NOW, if we heard all of the positives everyday as opposed to war! Projects can be just taking the bus one day to work. Or maintaining a bee hive, planting a tree!

I personally switched over to using Shaklee products. I wash most loads in cold water. And,I have also, as you know, supported my local farms. These things I am suggesting are simple and matter SO much. You can support children in other regions, or give money to your church/synagogue/mosque. Most institutions support interfaith communications, transworld aid and a host of other outreaches!

Subscribe to NOLA.com for news on what is going on in New Orleans. There is a war right here in our own borders. It is a war on what is right! People being displaced by ravaging racism/classism and blatant disregard for the environment. You can email your legislators and tell them enough is enough. We want our country back in order.
We want our children smiling again. We want to be healthy and happy and encouraged. Feeding our souls will give us the strength to spread it to the world. If we are shining bright, imagine how contagious our light will be! We will be like a waterfall. Brilliant and full, sending out rainbows and sprinkles of delight!
Go forth my friends, feel good about what is on the horizon, and have a productive, wondrous day!

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