September 27, 2007

What is going on out there ~~ but Guess What??? I still have JOY!

With all of the newsworthy occurrences, how will we stay positive and on point? We will; we just have to. If not for ourselves, for our young ones who deserve to envision a future full of love and possibility. The war is turning out to be the least of our concerns. Today's news reported an attack on peacefully protesting monks! If that doesn't evoke mass hysteria on how we need to spread tolerance and peace at all cost, I don't know what will! My friends, make a phone call, share a story or just hug someone today. These simple things travel a long way, much like that Liberty Mutual Commercial depicts:

My heart remains in Louisiana though. I will save my Michael Vick comments for later. Check out this blog:

There is some new footage from Jena and interesting commentary from different perspectives.

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