September 28, 2007


Today is a beautiful day! Do YOU know where your house is??? Many of our brothers and sisters in NOLA have no idea.

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

This week at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York, Brad Pitt unveiled his latest project.

I LOVED this site for many reasons. Yes, Brad Pitt is a hotty, but beyond that, this website offers historical information about the Lower Ninth Ward that many of us, including myself, whose grandmother was born there, had no idea about!!

The site is easy to navigate and then gets right down to what WE can do to help.
Some of us realize that this New Orleans circumstance IS VERY MUCH an atrocity. Being displaced and disregarded, much like other native Americans is disheartening. We have spent billions of dollars this year alone on countrymen who have no relation to us. Not to climb on my soap box, but this will be a big smear on our consciousness, trust me. We might feel a little desensitized where New Orleans is concerned, but do we really want to look back and say, "Man, I could have gone down there and read a book to some of the kids in class...cleaned up one block, or help paint one person's home, but I didn't".

Imagine the trauma of waking up in Alaska to memories of the dead floating by as you stood on your car and the country, the government, the people you voted for, or even those for whom you did not vote for, sent you some bottled water and a pat on the back, and then never thought about you again! We need to help NOLA's residents return, and when they return, have something to return to! Jobs, education and housing! REBUILD IRAQ? REBUILD NOLA!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

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