September 8, 2007

Vivre des temps troublés

With the release of Bill Clinton's new book "Giving" and with memories of my very recent excursion to New Orleans on my mind, I am very much in the mood to share with you! While it was far from a "feel good" trip, it was a good feeling, and as always a beautiful, scenic and tempestuous food tasting bonanza! Literally, I ate until my eye sockets were full. The food was uncompromising as well as the spirits of many (especially the children) despite the continuance of sallied efforts that produce no real results. Honestly, as we are all aware, so much has been done to assist New Orleans ~~ but the truth is, very little has been effective. It is going to take everyone doing just a little bit more to put in place a movement that will result in a true restoration of NOLA.

If you are in education visit:

If you are in health fields visit:

This is all just to get you started. Periodically, I will revisit this subject and share ways I have found that may spur an idea on how to help.

While there are so many ways to give to the world, one must think about New Orleans. Once a vibrant gateway to the United States, its ancestral contributions and its cultural diaspora have been invaluable treasures for centuries. Let's not ignore the crescent city. The "Big Easy". "Nawlins", let's preserve the Vieux Carre, Canal Street and adopt a plan that will do more. Not just bring in new. Rich. Better. If you can return, please try. Let's remember the flavor of this iconic port town and make it our priority. Would Italy abandon Rome? Would Africa abandon Cairo? This is our holy city. This is our gem.
Vivre bien New Orleans! No passe compase!!

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