July 28, 2007


Originally I discovered these products by visiting Oprah.com while I was researching something else. I have extremely sensitive skin so going green has been a lifetime process. Trying different products that won't make me break out. When I discovered that the acne on my forehead was simply from sleeping on a pillow case I washed in a fragrant laundry detergent was a REAL "wake-up" call. Switching to sensitive skin and hypoallergenic things really led me to over a decade of researching and to realizations that we all have sensitive skin! Once our systems reach their own personal toxicity level we break down, break out or get sick! We are all made to be sensitive to harsh products that unnecessarily perfume and enhance. It makes sense. If you can't pronounce it, do you really want that in, on, or around you????

Thank goodness for Shaklee. I am only raving today though because my family and I have just discovered their deodorant! We can not stop smelling our armpits! Really. All day. We just lift up our arms and sniff. All day until night. It sounds gross, but I am serious. This stuff really works.

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