August 17, 2016

#BatonRouge #LouisianaFlood I Love ALL Things Louisiane

So I have not written anything personal on my blog in years. This blog began as an 'Ode to Katrina' directly after the flood My maternal grandmother was born in New Orleans and instilled a deep love for it in all of her grandchildren. She passed away in 1993 and did not see Katrina take her city away, but those who loved her watched knowing it would have killed her. I immediately devoted this blog to all things New Orleans. I have made lasting relationship from those days and my passion for New Orleans developed into a passion for the entire state.

2005 was a time when the internet was young. The people on there were real and we all learned so much about each other. 2016 internet is filled with fake, hacking, advertisement hungry, capitalism, but it is still possible to find compassion and to get stories told.

Once again, Louisiana is under water. I prayed many a night for my son to develop a love for Louisiana as I did and my prayers were answered. In the summer of 2014, I packed him up and drove him to Baton Rouge, Louisiana where he would attend Louisiana State University ( LSU ). I fell in love with 'the BR' or as he called it 'Da Boot'. Much different then New Orleans, BR is a sleepy, gorgeous, delicious, juicy, green, delectable town. I fell in love with Purple and Gold, Mike the Tiger, Louie's, ACME's, BOTH Walmarts, downtown BR, BLINK, TJ Ribs and so much more! My heart breaks for them, and so, as I did before, I am devoting this blog to bring BR, Gonzales, Donaldson, all of Livingston Parish, Lutcher and anywhere that needs attention, help, love and support.

Here are some of my favorite Baton Rouge moments:

Tiger Stadium

Acadian Thruway

Acadian Thruway

ACME étoufée

Dalrymple Drive between the lakes

Louisiane, I am with you until the bitter end! Bury me there and give me a Second Line no one will forget...

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