April 10, 2016

Ted Talks Art

Yes, I am still 'NOLA-obsessed'. 

Meet the wildly talented Ted Ellis. Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana and now residing in Houston, Texas, Ted's art is so very gorgeous. Visit his website and purchase some wonderful art!


House - As our wonderful President, Barack Obama, exits the Oval Office, describe how awesome it was to have your piece presented in honor of the 2009 Inauguration? How did it come about?

Ted - I wanted to create a powerful image of the potentially first African-American  President that spoke to the embodiment of America. When I completed  it, it was on exhibit in Houston and the local media got wind of it, NPR radio, several news stations. I was eventually invited by the  (NNPA) and the (NBCC)  gala in Washington, DC held at the French Embassy.

House - What was it like growing up in a musical house? Did it inspire you?

Ted - Growing up in a musical household and a culturally rich city provided a platform for creative spontaneity and expression, it was a big influencer on my artistic development. 

House - Describe New Orleans to someone who has never visited. What pieces reflect the essence of NO?

Ted - New Orleans, is a friendly city with great charm. It brings the old with the new. A mergence of cultural, culinary and artistic wealth. The music has uniqueness all its own. It is present throughout each ward in every community. I can smell the coffee, hear the music and watch the second line and Indians. Eat some good jambalaya, redbeans and rice with fried chicken. That's part of Naw'lins. 

'Midnight Stroll', 'Congo Square' and my 'Bourbon Street' paintings provide inspiration  and remind me so much of home.

House - Tell us about the 'Katrina Collection'?

Ted - My Katrina series of paintings were to focus on the hope and healing of my birthplace, New Orleans. I began the paintings 3 weeks after the tradegy struck. We were caregivers to family and friends who came to Texas for shelter. "Life Begins Anew" is a very powerful image that illustrates this point.

©T Ellis Fine Art

House - How has serving our country influenced your work?

TedService to country, in the U.S. military provided a focus and discipline to pursue my passion in a constructive way, uplifting and enlightening humanity though art.

House - What led you to become an environmental chemist?

Ted - I did well academically in school and thought that the sciences provided me the greatest challenge, I've always had an inquisitive mind. A creative mind. A mind to seek solutions.

House - What is upcoming for you?

Ted - Planning of my traveling art tour and lecture series about the importance  of art and its influences on society.


Thank you, Ted!

You can find Ted Ellis:

+Ted Ellis 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TEllisFineArt/

Website: http://www.tellisfineart.com


Google+: https://plus.google.com/+Tellisfineart/posts

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Tellisart18

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ted-ellis-6800591a

*image used with permission

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