October 26, 2015


A while back, I recall sharing that from that time period forward, I would be eating to live and not living to eat.

That is SUCH a hard way to function in our food motivated world BUT it is the right way to go.

In doing so, you are not controlled by the vast world of food, but can really make choices that are right for you and your loved ones! 

Since I wrote those words, I have continued to struggle with my weight, because in the USA, those things go hand in hand, AND I have managed to raise two men who are very conscientious about what they put in their bodies! I have also learned the importance of learning to temper my eating, make healthier choices, and when I can not, decide to take the bad choice and make-up for it later by foregoing, or lessoning ... all in a day's struggle!

AND when you are running a particular food-based campaign, it is important to keep your integrity, be mindful, have fun and also share wisdom and GREAT, SCRUMPTIOUS PICTURES!

SO HOW EXCITED AM I THAT THE MOST WONDERFUL Food Conference I know about is coming to #Chicago on November 6-7th! I will be learning how to blog better about food, work better for my food-based clients and be a better, more focused ambassador. I CAN'T WAIT!

Hopefully, you will be joining us! CLICK HERE TO GO TO BLOGGER FOOD CONFERENCE PAGE: 

There is still time to enjoy the BEST company around and learn to be the best 'FOODIE'! ... AND if you don't write about food ... #Chicago IS the food capital of the world. COME EAT!


Eunissa Ramirez said...

This sounds like a lot of fun learning! Can't make it this year, but hopefully it'll be here next year.

Dwana Houseonahillorg said...

Niss, really wish you could somehow make this because like Blogher conferences the venues/cities change each year! OR start saving of next year! I'll go with you!!! THIS ONE IS GOING TO BE AWESOME-SAUCE though! :D