May 23, 2015

Slave Ship Museum ... What should we do?

SO, the last time I was in NO, as I love to call her, New Orleans was ripe with typical tourism. Yes, it was HOLY Week, but as is true in the Vieux Carré nothing is sacred, so inebriation was amok! Every few hours I witnessed total "wipe-outs", men and women, completely falling out on the pavement ... drinks, belongings and all ... 

So, when my friend Nordette posted about the 'Slave Ship Museum' ... my stomach literally turned as I envisioned wild drunk people loosing their jambalaya all over my ancestry. Not a pretty picture. Think about it, if our two-term President cannot even be on Twitter for 2 seconds without being called N-word, do we really want to subject sacred ancestry to the likes of the wretched in this USA? I realize that this was the vision of people dedicated to preserving true history ... but I really hope that in the end, it is addressed with the care and dignity it deserves. The blood of my blood is there and I would prefer it not be spit on, literally.

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