February 11, 2015

Trombone Shorty

I was born on the Southside of Chicago. My beloved grandmother was born in New Orleans and instilled in us a love ... no, it was much more than love ... it was a passion, a yearning, a desire beyond desires, she instilled in us an aching because she loved her hometown so very much. She always spoke of New Orleans and would go home often. I never traveled with her there but my cousin and Aunt would. 

Because of that, I ooze NO, and when you are part of NO it, and all attached to it, stick to you. It's as if you are a part of something so deep, deeper than family ... it is blood, the earth, the water - NOLA becomes you, and so, people that I have met along the way have introduced me to all things NOLA and it all becomes a part of my soul.

If you have ever been there you know what I am talking about, so imagine if you have ties there! It embraces and envelopes you!

One such "thing"  that I have newly attached to is Trombone Shorty! My girl took me to a concert and it changed my life! 

This intro by Mayor Landrieu should give you some indication  of how deep New Orleans runs in those who love her.

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