September 12, 2014

#UpgradeYourBrush with REACH

Not to gross anyone out before breakfast ... AND definitely NOT to call anyone I know or  ... ehem, love, out ... BUT getting young men, aka teenaged boys, to brush their teeth regularly is QUITE THE CHALLENGE!

DID YOU HEAR ME??!!!! BECAUSE I AM SHOUTING without trying to embarrass or call anyone out!

OKAY, maybe a tad bit of 'shouting out' but receiving these REACH toothbrushes in the mail went over very well in my household!

The boys (really men) scooped them up without being asked!

(Could it be the very snazzy packaging??)

I too was impressed. I did not bother to tell my children the benefits of these great products, but I will tell you:

Bi-level Bristles Ergonomic GripTongue CleanerTriple Angled BristlesTriple Angled NeckFloss BristlesExtra Whitening

Complete Care Triple Angle Floss Complete Care Triple Angle Pro Total Care + Whitening Total Care Multi-Action Total Care Floss Clean Fresh & Clean By Design Advanced Design Crystal Clean                              


Such a fine group of products that cover all the angles! ESPECIALLY when some folks do not get to the nitty gritty every single day. It is nice walking around the house with illuminated smiles if I do say so myself!

REACH TOOTHBRUSH #UpgradeYourBrush @REACHProduct 

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