July 19, 2014

#Blogher #MultiCulti #2014

You know how it is, sometimes things happen in your life that are so awesome you wonder what you did to deserve them!

Co-hosting the BlogHer2014 's #MultiCulti SoirĂ©e again this year with 'The Dream Team' of Ananda Leeke & Pauline Campos has me so GIDDY!

I love my BlogHer family. I love meeting new and incredibly different folks. It is also to celebrate myself because I AM DIFFERENT! I embrace myself and others because it feels amazing.

Blogging saved my life and I owe it to myself and the world to give it all I have.

If you are in the Bay area and can join us, please do Friday, July 25th 8pm


FRIDAY, JULY 25th at the San Jose Hilton, I will, once again be in the best company!

THE #MULTICULTI Party Celebrating our differences from A-Z will be in FULL FORCE!

Here are some pictures from last year!

Ananda Leeke, Pauline Campos, Lori Luna & Me! 
Me & Jory Des Jardins
Natsaha Nicholes & Raijean Stroud



Margaret said...

I'm definately going to attend this party and I'm really looking forward to it

~Dwana said...

yay Margaret! Can't wait to meet you! :-)