June 8, 2014

Do YOU love my garden as much as I do?! #Vamosahacerlo

I really am not sure if words are enough to express how much I am LOVING Home Depot right NOW!

You see, I am an urban dweller. NO, not just an 'L' rider - ( YES, REALLY it is 'L' NOT 'el' never, ever, 'el' like that "elevated" myth was created 20 years ago by a tourist, or stray dog, or someone who was supposed to be swimming with da fishes but survived, because no one from here EVER says, "I'm taking the 'elevated' ... OR 'el' ever ...like n-e-v-e-r ) getting back to having no grass, I live in the part of Chicago that is so old, there is NO grass ... like, NONE, only cement, concrete...I love the concrete jungle, but sometime it looks bland! COLD, and concretey. 

TO further complicate things, the outside area this neighborhood does have is small, narrow and cramped... did I mention small AND cramped?

Living under these conditions does no nullify anyone's desire to be more green. So, happily, a few years ago, I began sharing herbs with friends and on even planted mint for me to attend to all by myself! Last year's mint and basil harvest gave me motivation. This year, after telling the universe I was ready to be a GARDENER I was given this AWESOMELY, FUN opportunity by HOME DEPOT to give it a go!!!! 

Well, I am ALMOST done... just finishing touches here and there, but my urban garden is my #SummerSerenity Project and so far, I have enjoyed peace and beauty!!!

Take a LOOK!

this program is part of the sponsored #Homedepot #Vamosahacerlo project

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