May 12, 2014

Steve 'Silk' Hurley! 'The Word Is Love'

I have to say that previously, I kept my 'House Music' affection on the down-low.

Back in the day, I had quite the reputation of being a "wild House-head'. Many of the "in" girls snickered about me, but those days are behind me now. Today it is okay to be a 'House-head'! You can even find its meaning in the Urban Dictionary (who knew)! 

I no longer have to hide my head in shame that I partied until the weee-hours of the morning dancing to 'House Music'.

With the passing of Frankie Knuckles and the outpouring of adoration that followed, I am now free and professing my 'House-headom' while I still can! (I am NOT getting any younger)

With my release comes my movement to bring new fans to House Music! Even my sons are vocally enjoying the deep, soul-tying rhythms! House is a way of life to be expressed and curated!

So, to honor my close friend Steve 'Silk' Hurley's amazing talent and to showcase an amazing 'HOUSE' cut, ENJOY!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Recently found this acapella this what do u think is it a good choice for producer?