February 23, 2014

The Different Shades of Black

SO, it's still Black History Month ...

I was totally side-tracked by the POALR VORTEX!

Working as Social Media Director at Itsashort.com ( @itsashort ) I have been introduced to some phenomenal 'shorts' and web-series... and became grossly, and completely, addicted to Roomiesloversfriends!

I didn't think I would enjoy "Yellow" since I am "yellow" and while "yes" it was uncomfortable, I truly appreciate how Numa Perrier tackles the forever issue of shade in the black community.

People always assume I am biracial, but truly, I am a multiracial black person, I identify Black, or Creole, and have EVERY spectrum in my family.

I LOVE being a Black woman.

I will continue to support BlackandSexyTV ...

What are your thoughts on the different shades of Black?

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