February 18, 2014

An Open Letter to bigots #BlackHistory

I can attest to the fact that no matter what neighborhood courthouse you walk into in Chicagoland, there are criminals of ALL shapes, sizes and colors. Some convicted more than others.

The demonization of the black body has been throughout our American history and this country is having a VERY hard time shaking it.

Let us be clear, crazy comes in all colors.

The fact that all people are just as equally capable of crime but NOT held to the same standards is despicable, BUT the "wild-wild-west" mentality of shooting unarmed teenagers is going to stop. It is unacceptable. It is the very thing that keeps me up every night. Black people, especially children, are NOT target practice. ALL races have criminal elements. We have perpetuated a violent culture that began with annihilating the indigenous people. Deal with violent tendencies ... but stop shooting unarmed children.

Please and thank you.

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