October 19, 2013

DAY 21? Where did my cleanse go?

Many of you are aware that I did a cleanse.

It began mid-September thru October 4.

It was tough, but guess what?


I think the major things for me were cheese and coffee. I truly did not think I could live AT ALL without them, but I did.

Phasing worked very well for me. And once I was off, I was off. Energizing and inspired, I went all 21 days feeling pretty awesome. When day 21 came around, I simply kept the momentum. I had "cheat" days though. It happened to be a Friday, and I ate cheese and coffee in my diet all day, and yes, the next day I was a tad sick so I learned a lesson. Moderation is really moderation. I learned that if I was going to cheat, make it so minimal, if at all so that my body flicks it off, no problem.

Since that sick day, I still keep Fridays as my "Cheat Day". Yesterday I had a Big Mac sans the meat, and I added my own romaine lettuce and guac, today I feel fine.

Coffee has seeped back in. I'm cool with that though because it is truly my only vice. I do not use it primarily for energy but sincerely love the taste so - yep coffee is staying, I just don't do 10 cups like I used to!

During the cleanse sugar was a BIG NO-NO. It still is. Friday I reserve it for candy or whatever sweet, but I truly have loss interest in goodies because my clothes are beginning to bag! THANK GOD!

I have ALSO been using ViSalus - BODY BY VI because my good friend Steve 'Silk' Hurley has made tremendous, inspiring health changes and I want to follow his journey!

He will be featuring his journey on TheChicagoMoms.com VERY soon, so stay tuned!

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