September 3, 2013

Do You Yiva?

This past July 2013 Blogher Expo was one of the best for me.

As a health and lifestyle blogger, interacting with human beings who seek a path of betterment is important, and this year I got just that.

Meeting the Yiva team was right on spot as I enter an age where matter sometimes IS over the mind! Hormones now rule, and as someone who has not had an antibiotic in 25 years, these Yiva products certainly perked my interest.

I hope you will follow along this month as I try these products and bring to you different perspectives of using these all-natural items.

The following is sponsored material. I have not been paid to try these products but to share this post. As always, my opinions are my own.

You may know someone who has struggled for years trying to start a family. After spending several years trying to have a baby, Yiva Naturals cofounder Rich D., reached out to some friends, who were also struggling to have children, but had recently had a baby, to find out what treatment they had used. To his surprise, his friend’s wife had started taking an all-natural drops taken from the root and leaf of the raspberry plant. Desperate to try something new, Rich’s wife started taking the drops and 45 days later, she was pregnant! Their success launched the start of Yiva Naturals, a company focused on all-natural health products.

Yiva Naturals is enjoying terrific success with a lot more than just their fertility drops.  They now have Women’s Daily Balance, a formula which helps alleviate symptoms related to PMS and menopause (hot flashes, irregular cycles, bloating, cramping, and migraines, to just a name a few).  And people are reporting fantastic results from our all-natural allergy relief drops and other products. Their approach is to teach the body to cope with allergens versus over-reacting to them.  

Knowing the history and the passion that the Yiva Naturals team has about their products, you will see why their motto is  “Born out of necessity, shared because we care.”   

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