August 31, 2013

What Will You Leave Behind?

Driving to work last week I saw a dead woman on the bus stop.

Living in Chicago, people probably think we see dead people lying around all the time, but don't be fooled. There are probably MORE than 3 million people here. Seeing a dead person is not an everyday thing.

The only other time I've seen a dead person on the street was after a horrific traffic incidence 15 years ago on Lake Shore Drive. An older gentleman was laid out, seemingly at peace and not moving, his shoes were knocked off during impact. I always make the sign of the cross like a good Catholic girl whenever I see folks in distress, this woman was somehow different though.

I felt like she touched me somehow. She made me think about my own mortality and the legacy I am leaving behind. She made me think about how hard we work for "things", only to leave them behind when we go.

Emergency Management had just arrived on the scene and was red-taping the perimeter. Chicago Police were also blocking the area as they were bringing a bag to take her away.

She was a Caucasian, white-haired, heavy woman of about 65 with ALL of her possessions in a brand new shopping cart. She had just gone shopping at the nearby Jewel ... you could tell, I suppose, she was spending the night at that bus stop. The set-up seemed comfy from a certain perspective. She had all of her vitamin supplements lined up on the bench.

Her head was slightly tilted back. 

It seems Death took her quickly and silently.

I got all this from spying from my car at the red-light. 3 minutes. The light turned green and off I was to work.

On my way home her things were still there.

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