August 11, 2013

Still Giving It A Go

I am still trying to exercise, eat right and stay in the best shape possible.

While I truly believe I have adopted a great, healthy lifestyle, I am still wishing to be in better condition.

Every morning I run with my dogs. They are high energy and the cutest things ever, so even if I wake up in a bad mood OR am so not feeling being look and I am stuck! Off WE GO!


ha ha Duke's butt photobombing San's picture

Recently I wrote about Bunnery products, specifically the pancakes that my sons adore, but I am very much so hooked on the oatmeal!

Mainly because it tastes so good, but also importantly, it keeps me full ALL day long!

I seriously went 6 hours full last Saturday.

SO, this weekend I am eating it on purpose with the same goal in mind!

Wish me luck!

I want to be down 10 pounds by the holidays ~

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