July 27, 2013

Korean War 60 YEARS

Growing up was sort of a military experience in my home.

There was absolutely no slouching ... ESPECIALLY at the dinner table.

Plates had to be clean! "EAT ALL OF YOUR FOOD." "SIT UP STRAIGHT".

As a teen, if I missed curfew my dad was standing at the door pointing to his watch.

A tirade of 'GENERAL' proportions would ensue for at least an hour!

Dad never spoke much about being drafted into a segregated army.

I may have been 16 snooping through his drawer for forgotten cash when I came upon his Military identification!

Now, as our days together are much fuller and we have nothing but time, I am learning all sorts of amazing things.

Dad spent a year in Ft. Riley Kansas before being transferred to an aircraft base.

So as we celebrate 60 years since the end of the Korean War, I celebrate having my dad to tell me all about it.

YOU can learn more about what many of us were taught (Korean 'CONFLICT') HERE AT 

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