June 3, 2013

Where Are You From?

Social Media is like ONE HUGE ROOM full of everyone you like talking about everything you can relate to all at once - ALL THE TIME.

Sounds wacky I know, but really, it isn't!

Carol Cain (@CarolACain on twitter and of Girl Gone Travel) always has great, spirited information. Oftentimes it is really funny.

I liked this because I get this ALL the time! Every day. 

I am not sure if it is simply what minorities get in general, if it is genuine curiosity or what, but to see it comedic is classic.

I don't think I "get" it the same way Carol does, but I definitely "get" it.

My situations always evolve from other minorities attempting to figure out if I belong to their culture. I am often sad when I have to disappoint and say "NO, REALLY. I am American. Like really American, like no one really knows where it all started. No... no I can only go back 4 generations and then after that assume."

When the subject is pressed, I have to give the whole "Massa, slave, Native-American monologue" which no one is EVER interested in recalling. On my dad's side, it is like, don't even ask, ha ha ha!

Sometimes it makes me feel as if my existence verifies the ugliness that occurred in this country... yep being the product of forced liaisons and stressful relationships on my mother's side took its toll on my family... alcoholism, only female matriarchs, years of harsh relations amongst ourselves because we all have different colors and different hair.... well any way...



Tom Brennan said...

Absolutely hysterical!!!

ChristineLovesMK said...

Laughed to the end!!
"A spoht o' TEA! A pint of AAle!!"
Can't wait to subscribe :)