February 2, 2013

Un Cafe Avec "Healthier, Happier, You"!

After posting yesterday, I began to really get home-sick for NOLA. While I've never lived there, and while I was not born there, my Gran made sure that her native dwelling was forever imprinted on my soul.

Whenever I go or have any contact, my heart swells and I long for it!!!

So I've decided to do NOLA throughout February. 

That also pretty much covers Black History Month as well because, well, you can't have NOLA without learning something about Black History!

Today I am going to talk about Baton Rouge because I am drinking 

Community Coffee is the largest "FAMILY-OWNED" coffee business in America. Not shabby at all!

They began in Baton Rouge, Lousiana 1919, just one year after my Gran was born in 1918 French Quarter of New Orleans!

Not only is the coffee smooth and very distinct, I've read on a few blogs that it serves as an awesome marinade for lamb!

I take my coffee black and I am certainly enjoying this cup I received from my new pal, Ramon Gomez whom I met at the Travel & Adventure Show here in Rosemont, IL last weekend!

There standing at the Louisiana Tourism Exhibit was a warm Louisianan! Of course ALL Louisianan are warm so I walked right up and started talking! He advised me about the Louisiana Travel and Promotion Association! I learned about more gumbo stuff and that my relatives are famous down in the Donaldsonville Museum!

Ramon, handed me Community Coffee samples, had no idea my love of java. Knowing that the company decided they should roast their own coffee thus opening a roasting plant in 1946, pretty much revolutionized my thoughts about Louisiana coffee.

Growing up, the only thing I recall my family speaking about was chicory in coffee.  never knew until now how huge coffee has been to Louisiana.

Of course there is the infamous Cafe Dumonde but we'll save that story for another day! 

 How's that for Southern Comfort!

Go 2013 Super Bowl!!!! Très bon!  

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