February 10, 2013


Gun violence is becoming a raging wound on our society.

Yes, we've been shooting each other in the foot since the beginning of this country, but now it is time to STOP. CEASE. END. FINAL. FINISH. 

The Europeans brought guns here to invade and commandeer the Americas away from the native peoples, so why we are surprised this behavior has escalated over the centuries ... heck, it has become the financial back-bone of this economy, so the wonderment is beyond me...

However, in moving forward as an honorable and conscientious society, it is imperative that we study the definition of "DE-ESCALATE". You know the word, "the act of DECREASING intensity or magnitude" as referenced in the Dictionary?!

Yesterday, here in Chicago, we laid to rest a little angel named Hadiya .

At 15, I was prancing around, loving my friends, becoming interested in boys, into fashion, getting ready for my sister's wedding, playing in parks - much like Hadiya Pendleton. When she was gunned down earlier this month, like a animal on the range, America was pressed to take a hard look at itself. 


Now, I don't know what we plan to do about it, but in light of last nights gun violence on Bourbon Street during MARDI GRAS ... I am at a lost!

Have we really simply lost our minds! Mardi Gras is a prelude to a religious holiday. It is a staple in our culture. I am VERY sure it is not the first time there has been a gun fight on Bourbon Street, but enough already.

Get some anger management, go home slap your mom for not raising you right, suck on a bone, BUT for the love of mankind, stop SHOOTING!