February 5, 2013

Love NOLA~Style with Dr. JK Schwehm

Yesterday I deviated a tad from my NOLA postings because well... Tyrese is SO damn cute!


Now, my boyfriend is, by far, the hottest thing on the planet in my opinion, but there has got to be something said about Tyrese ... like WOW.

Okay, so back to Earth and back to NOLA ...

In thinking about relationships, and love, this beautiful February, what better action to take than to marry in NOLA!

My good friend Dr. Jerry Schwehm is the most prolific artist and he will also marry you!

The above is his self-portrait! Isn't he amazing? I have covered him many times over the years, but not lately!

Visiting New Orleans? Or just driving through Louisiana?! Dr. Jerry (as I call him) has just the art and ceremony for you.

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