December 30, 2012

Ring in something good!

Yep. In just hours celebrations will erupt all over the world because it will be a New Year!

 My reflections all involve crime and immigration.

I may have let my disdain for DUI's at work cloud my life more than it should. In 2013 I must re-evaluate what I have the capacity to impact and exactly how.

Having dealt with thousands undocumented drunk driving offenders in my career has soured me but with just five years left on my gig, I guess I will leave the worries to society and the legislative bodies who have so many irons in the fire that community safety is highly suspect.

It would be my suggestion that you stay in during the prime hours of drunk driving 10pm until 8am.

THAT said, get your bullet proof vest out because if you live in the inner city, chances are your ignorant, gang-banging/terrorist gun-toting drunken neighbors will likely pull out their assault rifles at mid-night and shoot off a few hundred rounds. 

Overall, this year was wonderful for me on a personal level. Blogging has given me just the lifeline I need to stay sane.

My wish for all of you is safety, commitment to a good cause, good health and prosperity.

Happy New Year!

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