October 23, 2012

'horses and bayonets'

I typically do not talk much about specific political agendas unless it impacts health or my sense of responsibility as a Black woman, but this clip of Pres. O really encapsulates who he is. No nonsense, completely knowledgeable of topic, involved, compassionate and a leader.

Yes, Hill (Secretary Of State Clinton) was always my first choice, but I have worked on every Obama campaign since he entered politics. I was not so involved prior to his first senate campaign, so I trust this man and I stand by him ... even with the Trump bombshell looming ...

Trump is a snake and I don't give his revelation too much merit, especially that he is releasing it via Twitter like a coward and not before a press conference LIVE, but if you are undecided... pay close attention to President Obama here. He is powerful, intelligent and it is why I have been a faithful campaign worker all these years.

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Tom Brennan said...

A survey by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press earlier this year found that a large majority of voters didn't care about an endorsement from the celebrity. >bb< while 13% said it would make them more likely to pick the candidate. But 20% said it would make them less likely to pick that candidate.