September 16, 2012

For The Love Of Uteruses

Me and my uterus at Blogher Expo 2012

My uterus and my sleeping dog

Only those who attended BLOGHER 2012 NYC will truly get this, but when I was given my uterus at the Change The Cycle booth, I never considered it would end up in the hands of my dog - literally!!

Seeing her so in love with my uterus, reminded me that I really do value my health and reproductive organs...and yours!

What an awesome opportunity to remind my fellow concerned citizens about informing the ones you love about all the new technology out here designed to help us with the things that ail us.

I am not hear to promote any particular procedure or stance, just saying stay informed! It is all I ask!

The lovely ladies that appeared at Blogher Expo 2012 shared that there is a blog with tons of Q and A.

And if my pooch loves uteruses, be sure you are loving yours, or the one you love's, today!

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